Do you long for more inner peace? Do you feel there is a personal way to tackle the climate crisis?

The majestic trees in the Sonian Forest, a place where trees have been completely at home since the Ice Age, are generous living beings, performing healers and wise master teachers for those open to getting to know them. During this course, you will learn how to recognise trees, connect with them, heal yourself and develop unusual friendships that will profoundly transform your daily life.

Through walks, experiments, meditations, testimonies, self-expression and visions from authors who have written about this, you will learn to develop more-than-human relationships and then continue to maintain and expand them independently.


We work 4 Saturdays in the Sonian Forest, with GC Wabo as our base. Bring paper and pen, as well as coloured pencils, markers, your camera or any other means with which you want to express yourself. It is good to provide a plastic to sit on in case of rainy weather. We will have lunch outside or at GC Wabo. Bring your own lunch and a thermos of tea or coffee.

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About An Mertens

Since 2012, An develops methods of enjoying the company of trees. She graduated as a nature guide and initiated herself in reiki and shamanism. She followed the Energy of Nature training with biologist and spiritual practitioner Claire Elouard. An's novel Mother Oak will soon be published. An is also a media artist. You can find more about her artistic work at

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