Walking silently through the forest is like visiting the theatre. You are surprised by dancing trees, small and large animals, a budding flower. During a silence walk, we walk slowly. Occasionally we even stand still. All attention goes to our breathing and the five senses. Each silent walk is a fantastic spectacle, endless in its variations.

The silent walks are guided by A Mertens. She is a nature guide, writer and media artist.


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About An Mertens

In 2013, An published her novel Tot Later with then-publisher De Bezige Bij Antwerp. Since then, An developed methods of writing in the company of trees. She became a nature guide and initiated herself in reiki and shamanism. Now she follows the Energy of Nature training with biologist and spiritual practitioner Claire Elouard. An's novel Boomlief will soon be published. An is also a media artist. You can find more about her artistic work at

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